Ferry Line, everyday Koman-Fierze and Fierze-Koman

Ferry Berisha works from 15 April to 30 October.

Boat Dragobia works everyday of the year.

Departure time and prices


You can use the ferry Berisha space during the night for free.

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About Ferry Berisha and Boat Dragobia

About Ferry Berisha and Boat Dragobia

Ferry Berisha travels everyday in the Lake Koman. The everyday route starts from Koman Terminal at 09:00 and from Fierze at 13:00. The Ferry Berisha travels only during the summer months, from April to October The payments are accepted only after boarding in the Ferry...

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Frequently asked questions.

How can i book a ticket?

You can book a ticket on this ways:
– By sending us an email on our addresses.
– Calling us on our phone numbers.
– Booking on our Official Websites.

Where can i pay the ticket?

We operate with payment cash paid upon arrival at the ferry terminal, in this cases:
-When you have made the reservation on our e-mail, and we have sent your ticket on the e-mail.
-When you have made the reservation by phone.
-When you haven’t made any reservation.
-When making a reservation which includes a travel package with accommodation and/or an other attraction.

How long does the trip take?

Sailing time is approximately 2h and 30 minutes.

What time do I need to arrive at the terminal?

Passengers: 15 minutes ahead of sailing time.
Vehicles: 30 minutes ahead.
If you do not have a vehicle reservation, please phone us to find out when your party needs to be at the terminal for your desired sailing.

What are the busiest scheduled trips?

The busiest days of trips are the weekends, Friday, Saterday, Sunday.
Boat Dragobia runs only for passengers, and Ferry Berisha works with vehichle and passengers.
In case of personalised groups we have small boats to take the trip.

Do you have camping space?

Yes, there is free camping space in in front of the Island of Peace, you should have your own tents.
Also you can use the Ferry Berisha as a free camping space during the night.

Can i take my car in the ferry?

Yes, we can trasport your car on Ferry Berisha, but before you should make the reservation of the car, describe the type, How m2 is the car, and the plate number of the vehichle.
The places on high season are limited.
Ferry Berisha can accommodaten this vehicle types including: bicycle, motorcycles, cars, tour buses and minibuses.

Do you have parking space?

There is a parking place near Ferry terminal. There is free of charge.

Can you pick me up from Tirana or the airport?

Yes, we offer transport from Tirana airport to Koman and return, about the prices you can find them on the dedicated page.

Is the ferry accessible for those with mobility issues?

Yes. For all passengers requiring extra assistance for boarding, disembarking, or accessing the passenger deck, our terminal personnel will be happy to assist.

Tour in Valbona Valley

Valbona Valley , a miracle of nature that shouldn’t be missed but needs to be visited at least once. That’s why we have arranged everything for you and all is left to do is to enjoy every moment of this tour. Starting from Tirana at 5:00am, early in the morning, or...

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Tours in the Komani Lake

Tours in the Komani Lake If you want to enjoy the panorama of Komani Lake, you can use the ferry line of Berisha or Dragobia Ship which travel every day from Komani Lake and Fierza Lake or you can book an exclusive trip only for you. While traveling during ferry line...

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Tour at Shala River

Shala River is a tourist destination that is described by visitors as the pearl of the beauties of Koman. Where the color of the water is characteristic of this river and the steep cliffs seem touch the sky. We will saddle river find the beauty that is difficult to...

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Jorney from Komani Lake to Fierza and to Valbona Valley

Our tourist packages include all the northern from Valbona National Park, different Riviera of Albanian Alps, Koman Lake and different tours for groups and different duration. Tours throughout the Komani lake, in the river of Shala or in the river of Valbona, all...

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Important things to know before coming in Koman

Before you start your travel in Koman Lake, or even Fierza Lake it is better you keep in mind some important things ( this are also available if you have planned to visit Theth or Valbona Valley) : Take enough clothes, you should know that during the night is cold...

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Pick up service from Tirana, Shkodra and Valbona

Komani Lake Ferry Berisha offers the possibility of pick up from Tirana, Shkodra and Valbona. So, if you are in any of this 3 places, you will have an everyday scheduled minivan for transport. The prices are as below : Tirane - Koman => 10 Euro Shkoder - Koman...

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Guide to Komani Lake

Guide to Komani Lake Komani Lake Ferry Berisha Komani Lake Ferry Berisha organizes tours with a personalized guide. Our staff knows the area well, cultural and historical values of it. In this way you will get acquainted with each historic and cultural country. The...

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How to go to the Guesthouse from Koman or Fierze?

The Guesthouse is located in the Koman Lake, in front of Peace Island. (map below ) 1 .To arrive in the Guesthouse from Koman Terminal, the traveling time is around 40 minutes with Ferry Berisha or Dragobia Boat. Visitors that want to book, or already booked at the...

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Rent a car from Tirana or Pristina

20% OFF from the normal price. If you are traveling with Komani Lake Ferry Berisha and also need a car, it is better you keep the Ferry Berisha ticket and rent your car with HERTZ ALBANIA, show them our ticket ( the ticket should be maximum 2 weeks older ) and you...

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