Ferry Berisha travels everyday in the Lake Koman.

The everyday route starts from Koman Terminal at 09:00 and from Fierze at 13:00.
The Ferry Berisha travels only during the summer months, from April to October

Ferry Berisha offers good conditions for visitors, travelers and tourists that visit the lake during summer. The total travel time from Koman to Fierze is almost 2 hours and 30 minutes, which is a long time and thats why we also have foods and drinks in the ferry. Inside the ferry you will find different drinks ( alcooholic or not ), also if you like to eat, we also have a ready breakfast box that inculdes all the ingridents for a healthy breakfast, like cheese, butter, olives. honey, nucrema and dried fruits. You can also bring it with you if traveling for Valbone or Theth.( for example you can order a coffee and a Mealbox for only 3 Euros )

We also have outside space, where you can stay and enjoy the travel.

We also transport cars.

During the travel time dont be suprised if we organise any small party, with music and snacs, just to make your travel with us a great time.
There is no limit, or maximum persons that can travel at the same time, we have succefully managed this during all this years. This is not valid for cars, if you are gonna bring your car with you, you need to reserve a place first.

Boat Dragobia travels all the year, everyday

The official route starts from Fierza at 06:00 and from Komani at 09:00.
The boat travels the route Fierze-Koman-Fierze everyday of the year, including winter months.

Dragobia Boat also offers good conditions for traveling safe and enjoying the view..

In this boat we cannot board cars, only people and bicycles.