The hostel is located almost in the center of Shkoder, half a block from the main Mosque, across the street from the Kinema Milenium (an old theater, now used as an outdoor cafe and restaurant).
The hostel entrance is a short walk down an alley, which ends at the big, blue entrance gate to the hostel. The blue gate will have the words, “Mi Casa es Tu Casa” written on it.
Push the door bell button on the wall to the right, and they will let you in.

You can find full info and photos by visiting their website :

Amenities & Info

Pet Friendly
Luggage Storage
Laundry Facilities
Private Bathroom
Method of Payment upon the arrival: Cash only
Cancellation Policy: 2 days before the arrival
Check out at 12:00am
Breakfast is included
Taxes are included
WIFI Internet Access
Check in at 11:00am

How to contact Shkodra Backpackers Hostel?
If you are in Shkoder the address is

Bulevardi Skënderbeu
4001 Shkodër, Albania

Or you can send an email or make a phone call :

+355 69 381 2054