Visit Albanian Alps, spend less and enjoy more!

Dear friends, tourists and travelers who use Komani Lake Ferry Berisha.

Tour in Valbona Valley 75 Euro per person

Tour in Valbona Valley
75 Euro per person

As most of you already know we have this wonderful tour of Valbona Valley with all inclusive, transport from Tirana or Shkodra, trip with Ferry Berisha in the Komani Lake, accommodation in Valbona Valley, and of course breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We are happy we had so much reservations for this tour, and a lot of people enjoyed the beauty of Komani Lake and Valbona Valley, also they enjoyed the traditional food in Valbona Valley guesthouses.

Here you can read the full article about the tour :

We have decided to make a discount for the the dates 10 September and 13 September, the discounted price is 75 Euro/person.

A professional guide ( fluent speaking English and Italian ) will be with you all the tour period, without extra cost.

So, it is the perfect occasion to visit Komani Lake and Valbona Valley, the tour is already confirmed and the price is lower than ever.

But this is not the only offer we have for you, on the same dates, 10 and 13 September, we will also have the Albanian Alps Tour,
which has a huge discount, from the regular 180Euro/person you can have it on those 2 dates for 139 Euro/person. You can visit the Komani Lake, Valbona Valley and also the Thethi Village with their traditional food and wonderful nature.

The tour has also ALL INCLUSIVE, transport, breakfast, lunch, dinner and also a professional guide during all the tour time.

Read more for the Albanian Alps Tour here :

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