Payment refund policy

Ferry Berisha is willing to refund your online payment in case you wish to cancel your booking, or in cases where we cannot provide the promised service.
However, it is important to emphasise that “not all cases can be refunded”. Find below the cases and the amount that can be refunded in any case.

Health reasons, cancellation 24h before

We refund 100% payment if you cancel for health reasons, justified by the relevant documentation even if the cancellation request, is done 24 hours before the ferry or tour departure time as appropriate.

70% refund for requests 24h before the departure time.

If the cancellation is made 24 hours in advance before the departure time, for another or more private customer reason”s, then 70% payment will be refunded.

Payment cannot be refunded.

Any request for cancellation of any type of booking is required in the last 23 hours has no refund.

Major causes or technical defect

In all cases where Ferry Berisha or Dragobia Boat will not be able to operate due to major reasons or technical failure,you will be notified in advance on your email address and will get a refund of 100%

Equipping with travel tickets

All tourists travelling by Berisha Ferry, Dragobia Boat or the ones who book our tours, get an electronic or physical ticket. Tickets that do not contain the serial number or another security elements are not valid. The ticket must be presented on the ferry in electronic form (on your smartphones) or in print. In any case of a refund, the ticket is a must.

First Aid and safety equipments

The Berisha Ferry, the Dragobia Boat or even the small boats that are used for lake tours, are equipped with lifeboats. In any other case, please listen and follow the staff instructions.