Albanian Alps Tour in 3 days

Experience the splendor of the Albanian Alps in a 3-Day Tour
Shkodra-Komani Lake, Shala River-Valbona Valley-Theth

Embark on a transformative journey with our thoughtfully curated Albanian Alps Tour, spanning three days of awe-inspiring landscapes, cultural richness, and unforgettable experiences. Tailored to meet the highest standards of discerning travelers, this expedition promises a seamless blend of adventure and relaxation.

Day One

From Shkoder to Komani Lake and to Valbona

We start every Monday and Thursday from Shkodra, our journey begins at 6:45 am, where our dedicated team awaits you in front of the Rozafa Hotel. Upon boarding our comfortable van, we’ll traverse the picturesque route to Komani, a scenic 1h30min drive. (Alternatively, departure from Tirana at 5:30 am is available with an additional fee of 12€/person).

Once in Koman, we will pause for a quick coffee with fellow travelers and our guide leader. Following this, we will embark on a charming small boat, navigating the tranquil waters of Komani Lake for approximately 75 minutes, ultimately reaching the picturesque Shala River, known as Albanian’s Thailand.

Here, amidst the breathtaking nature and towering rocky mountains, we will have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear turquoise waters, or simply relaxing at the beach. For those seeking additional adventures, here you will find options such as kayaking (10€/p.p) and ziplining (10€/p.p) and before heading to Fierza, we will enjoy a traditional lunch.

In the late afternoon, around 15:00, the boat will guide us to Fierze, where a private car will be awaiting us, ensuring a smooth drive for the next phase of our journey, during which we will see the city of Bajram Curri, adorned with views of Valbona river. Our exploration continues with visits to Xhema’s little lake and the unique Water Millstone. As evening descends, we reach our guesthouse, welcomed by the warmth of the owners, concluding the day with a communal dinner of regionally inspired, homemade dishes.

Hiking from Valbone to Theth

Day Two

Hiking from Valbone to Theth

Awaken to breath taking views and a traditional breakfast as we prepare for an amazing day of hiking. A private car awaits to convey us to the starting point of our scenic trek (car cost included). During the hike, two rest stops offer opportunities to savor drinks (not included) and capture the awe-inspiring vistas of the Dinaric Alps. We can not describe the hike with many words, we will let it amaze you while experiencing it.

Arriving in Theth, a waiting private car transports us to Nderlysaj, where we immerse ourselves in the beauty of natural cave bathtubs and the Blu Eye, a strikingly hued natural fountain. Returning to Nderlysaj, our car awaits to take us back to the guesthouse. Here, we unwind in private rooms before relishing a communal dinner featuring fresh, traditional delights (all included).

Hiking from Valbone to Theth

Day Three

Thethi Valley

Commence the day with a delightful breakfast before setting off to explore the historic Isolation Tower and Grunas waterfall.

The tour culminates as our van awaits to transport us back to Shkoder, arriving around 14:00 pm, with lunch in Shkoder included.

Albanian Alps Tour Theth

Tour Essentials:

Available on Mondays and Thursdays from May 15th to October 15th.

Inclusive of a guide (English and Italian speaker) from Koman terminal to Shala River, Valbona, Theth, and Shkoder.

Transport services provided from Shkodra; departure from Tirana available at an extra fee of 12€/person.

Tour difficulty rated at 6 out of 10, recommended for ages 14-60 with an inclination for exploration and moderate physical activity.

Included in the Tour:

All types of transport: public or private, with boats from the outset.

English and Italian-speaking guide for the entire journey.

  • Coffee break in Koman.
  • Lunch at Shala River.
  • All breakfasts starting from Valbona to Theth.
  • Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses in Valbona and Theth.
  • Dinners in Valbona and Theth.
  • Lunch in Shkoder during the return journey.

Not Included:

Activities at Shala River.
Isolation Tower Museum entrance fee in Theth.

Important Information:

Timetables may be subject to change due to traffic.
The Valbone to Theth hike duration is 6-8 hours.
Not recommended for individuals with cardiovascular conditions.
Should you require luggage storage in Shkodra, kindly reach out to us via email to make the necessary arrangements.

What to Bring:

Comfortable hiking shoes and clothing.
Warm attire for the chilly mornings and evenings in the Alps.
Hiking stick.
Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
Water bottle.
Lightweight backpack.

The price of the tour is 297 euro / person when it is paid online via PayPal

(Payment is completed in two parts: Online 97€/person, Cash 200€/person)

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