Albanian Alps Tour

Shkoder – Koman – Fierze – Valbone – Theth

Albanian Alps Tour in 3 days.

-Shkoder-Komani Lake, Shala River-Valbona Valley-Theth –

Start: 06:45, End: 13:30

Based on our experiences and in your demands, we decided to add to the list of opportunities we offer another tour that will certainly consist on unforgettable experiences.

Lake Koman

At 09:00 am
where a delicious coffee and Ferry Berisha whose destination is Fierza are waiting for us.


we head for the Valbona Valley, the National Park and the river of Valbona, where the lunch with traditional food


We will climb and descend the wonderful summits of the Albanian Alps, meet tourists coming from all over the world and without feeling the fatigue we will reach Theth

Day One – From Shkoder to Komani Lake and Valbone

The tour starts every Monday and Thursday morning from Shkodra.
The van and the guide will pick you up in front of Rozafa Hotel from 6:45 am and drop you to Komani. It’s about 1h30mins drive. (If you want to start the tour from Tirana, the departure is at 4:50am at Gazheli Petrol Station, Zogu i Zi, you should pay an extra fee of 10 euros for it).

Once in Koman, time to take a quick coffee with others peoples and the guide leader, will get in a little boat and navigate through Komani Lake, to get to Shala River ( 75min).

There you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the nature and those rocky mountains, swim in the limpid turquoise water, kayaking ( 10€/p.p, zipline 10€/p.p and have lunch 10/15€p.p (expenses not included).

On the afternoon, around 3pm, the boat will drop you to Fierze and a private car will be waiting for us.

We will drive through the city of Bajram Curri, the central city of the Tropoja region. Will stop to take pics on the most beautiful views that offers Valbona river.

Arriving in Valbone we will stop to visit the Xhema’s little lake, from the limpid green color and the Water Millstone, the only one of the village.

Will arrive at the guesthouse, after the warm welcoming of the owners, will settle down to our rooms. ( private rooms included)

Time to rest/have showers and will have dinner all together, tasting the most delicious dishes of the region, bio fresh homemade food.

After dinner maybe will have the chance to hear the locals play cifteli (traditional musical instrument of the region) or learn Albanian folk dances.

Day Two – Hiking from Valbone to Theth

Will have traditional breakfast and prepare a picnic for the hike.

A private car will drop us to the starting point of the hike ( price of car included )

During our hike, will find two spots to rest and have drinks (not included), will enjoy and take lots of pics as you will be amazed by the views that the Dinaric Alps offers.

In the afternoon will be in Theth where a private car will be waiting for us at the finish point of the hike and drive us to Nderlysaj, will enjoy the view and the natural cave bathtubs.

Straight after will keep hiking for a little more to get to the Blu Eye, natural fountain from a deep blue color forming an eye shape stream. ( price of the car included).

Will come back to Nderlysaj, where the car will be waiting for us to drive us to the guesthouse.

We will settle down to our rooms ( private room) and come all together to have dinner, tasty fresh traditional dishes.

(all included)

Day three – Thethi Valley

Breakfast at the guesthouse. Right after we leave to visit the Isolation Tower and learn about the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini (the first written constitution, used in the whole northern region). (1,5euro/person not included)

Then will move to visit the amazing Grunas waterfall.

Will come back at the guesthouse as the van will be waiting for us to drive us back to Shkoder. We are in Shkoder around 14.00 pm. The end of the tour included the lunch in Shkoder by us!

Important notes:

* This tour is available two days a week (Monday and Thursday) from May 15th to October 15th.

* The guide is included in the tour, from start to finish. ( from Koman terminal to Shala River, Valbona, Theth and Shkoder).

*The transport service is offered only from Shkodra, departing from Hotel Rozafa. You must be there before 06:45, the vans are with the Ferry Berisha logo.
If you want to start the tour from Tirana, departure is at 05:00am in front of Gazheli Petrol Station, Zogu i Zi, adding an extra 12 euros.

* The Tour Difficulty: In an average from 1 to 10 is estimated at 6. It is recommended for ages 14-60 who like exploring and have a physic that affords long walks.


Included in this tour:

All type of transport: public or private; boats from the beginning.
The guide in English and Italian for the whole tour.
All breakfasts starting from Valbona to Theth.
Hotels and guesthouses from Valbona to Theth.
Dinners in Valbona & Theth
Lunch in Shkoder on the way.

Not Included:

Lunch and activities in Shala river
Isolation Tower Museum in Theth

Should know:

Due to the traffic jam, the timetable may be change
The hike from Valbona to Theth lasts 6-8 hours
Not recommended if you suffer any cardiovascular diseases

What to bring with you:

Comfortable hiking shoes
Comfortable hiking clothes
Warm clothes as the morning and evening in Alps gets cold
Swim suit
Hiking stick
Sun’s cream
Sun glasses
Not a heavy backpack

The price of the tour is 279 eurs / person when it is paid online via PayPal

You will be redirected to our secure booking form.