Albanian Alps Tour

Exploring the Albanian Alps in 3 days.

Based on our experiences and in your demands, we decided to add to the list of opportunities we offer another tour that will certainly consist on unforgettable experiences that start in the city of Shkodra and end up at the touristic point of Theth.

The 3 day tour begins with the departure from the beautiful city of Shkodra, early in the morning (6:30 am), from where we drive by the van to Koman, on a trip which lasts until 8:30 am, where a delicious coffee and Ferry Berisha whose destination is Fierza are waiting for us.

We sail along the lake about 2 hours and 30 minutes (9:00 am-11:30am) enjoying every detail of the scenic view that is offered by the wonderful nature, the fresh air, the colors of the panorama and the crystal water. After arriving in Fierze, we head for the Valbona Valley, the National Park and the river of Valbona, where the lunch with traditional dishes cooked by the hands of the Highlander women’s who guard their ancestors customs even after all these years awaits us. After the abundant lunch we continue exploring the area until the twilight, and then go back to the guesthouse to enjoy the dinner the and beautiful songs with “çifteli” and “lahute” accompanied by birds tweets.

We end the first day of the tour to awaken the next day because a long road is waiting for us, the road that links Valbona with Theth …

After breakfast, we prepare for the trip, also we make sure to have some groceries and water and start hiking the way towards Theth, which lasts about 6-7 hours. We will climb and descend the wonderful summits of the Albanian Alps, meet tourists coming from all over the world and without feeling the fatigue we will reach Theth where we will find another century-long tradition preserved with fanaticism and love from the locals. After lunch characterized by generosity and hospitality, we dedicate the afternoon to exploration and visits to the wonderful rivers flowing from the peaks of the Alps.

After the wonderful sunset that seems to give softness even to the proud mountains, the light of the moon accompanies us to the guesthouse, where dinner with delicious and healthy food is dined. So in this way we close another day of adventure to wake up on the third day of the tour. After breakfast we explore the area until the time for us to leave comes. We arrive at city of Shkodra around 19:00 pm which marks the end of this wonderful but not unrepeatable experience.


Two meals, two lunches and two dinners in the guesthouse in Valbona and Theth.


From Shkodra (with a van) to Koman, from Koman with Ferry Berisha to Fierzë and then from Fiezë to Valbona (with the van).
The third day from Theth to Shkodra (with the van).

Guide and Tour:

The guide knows well the English language and the location and costs 70 euros for every tour.

The tours are available every Friday and Monday from April to October.

The price of the tour is 180 euros / person.

Sleeping, lunch and dinner are offered in the best guesthouses of Vabona and Theth.

The Tour Difficulty:

In an average from 1 to 10 is estimated at 6. It is recommended for ages 14-65 who like exploring and have a physic that affords long walks.

Tips: Keep a 1.5L bottle of water on your backpack, sunglasses,caps, your camera and don’t forget your sportswear for 3 days.

Important note!

You can reserve this tour only by filling the form below and making the payment online via PayPal. Or you can send us an email to with the details and make the payment CASH only to the Ferry BERISHA staff after boarding to Ferry Berisha. Be careful, don’t make payments to strangers in the road to Koman or Fierze that offers you trips or false tickets, WE ACCEPT PAYMENTS ONLY ON THE FERRY BOARD.

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