Kayak Tours / Rental Kayaks

Explore Lake Koman by yourself in an ecologic way.

Komani Lake Ferry Berisha organize kayak tours in the lake of Koman. We have kayaks with one, two or 3 places, all of them in perfect conditions and with all the safety equipment’s. There are enough kayaks for 22 persons at the same time.

The usual kayak tour is as below :

Our service starts in Koman or Fierze ferry station.

When you are in Koman or Fierze, we will pick you up in our boat “Dragobia”, or by Ferry Berisha if you are there before the Ferry Schedule time, or with other small boats ( depending from the number of the group ) and the first destination is the Peace Island, where the kayaks are.

• If we start from Komani it will take up to 40 minutes to arrive in the Peace Island.
• If we start from Fierza it will take up to 2 hours to arrive in the Peace Island.

When we are in the island, we can some time to rest, or to have some time to eat, the food is bio, and produced in our farm in Koman. ( this is optional based on your request ).
After this we will take the kayaks and start kayaking in the Komani Lake.

The kayaking time :

A full day*



*This price is only for payments via PayPal or Credit Card, if you want to pay Cash when you arrive the price is 25 € for a full day ( or 3000 Lek ).

During the kayaking time we can stop and rest, we can also have stops for swimming, eating, fishing etc.

At the end we will start the way back to the Peace Island.

We also have a guesthouse in front of the Island, where your group can spend the night, a restaurant with traditional local bio food and drinks.

Ferry Berisha ticket is included in the price.

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