Tour in Valbona Valley

A miracle of nature that shouldn’t be missed but needs to be visited at least once.

Valbona Valley, a miracle of nature that shouldn’t be missed but needs to be visited at least once.

That’s why we have arranged everything for you and all is left to do is to enjoy every moment of this tour.

For visiting Valbona Valley we have to start :

we take the road to Koman enjoying the freshness of the morning and the first rays of the sun.

Sailing with Ferry Berisha ( or boat Dragobia ) in Komani Lake

At 9:00am we sail by ferry Berisha or boat Dragobia towards Fierze, accompanied by the wonderful sights that this place offers we arrive at the destination around 11:30am, where is waiting the van that will take us to Valbona, passing by Bajram Curri.

We arrive in Valbona at 12:45pm, where is laid the lunch with traditional and fresh foods and drinks, but also with the characteristic hospitality of the area.

Exploring Valbona Valley

The afternoon is dedicated to explore the area, the river bed and possibly the waterfall, according to your wishes.

Around 20:30 we will join again at the guesthouse where a dinner with other meals is served. In the morning, after a comfortable sleep, a good breakfast is enjoyed in the presence of a wonderful panorama and fresh air.

11:00 marks the departure time to Fierze from where we sail by ferry Berisha towards Koman.

  • Around 17:30 we arrive in Shkodra,

marking this way the end of this tour and of this wonderful experience.

We will visit the Valbona River, the town of Bajram Curri.

The accommodation will be at a guesthouse or hotel in Valbona Valley.


In the price of the tour are included:

  • accommodation at the hotel
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • transportation fromShkodra to Valbona (round way)
  • If you like to have a guide it will cost 30 Euro for 2 days.

We advise you to depart by boat Dragobia and return by ferry Berisha in order to try different experiences.

Note: Usually there is no need to hire a personal guide for this tour. Most of the visitors doesn’t hire a guide because our staff is professional and everything is already prepared so you can have a wonderful experience. But, in case you think you need a guide, this is not included in the price.

Total price 89 € / person

Important note!

You can reserve this tour only by filling the form below and making the payment online via PayPal. The tour price is 89 Euro / person.

Or you can send us an email to with the details and we will send an invoice to be paid via PayPal.

Be careful, don’t make payments to strangers in the road to Koman or Fierze that offers you trips or false tickets.


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