Ferry ticket Koman – Fierze – Koman – Online Reservation.

Dear travelers and friends of Komani Lake Ferry.

We have made some minor changes to the ferry ticket reservation form and we have enabled the online payment via PayPal ( or using credit card via PayPal ), so you can make the payment directly from home. We made this possible for some reasons, first of all is because the high number of request we had last year and receiving money in the board of Ferry Berisha was a real challenge because it was always full. The second reason is because of some “scammers” that sold tickets in our name. The last reason is to make sure that you have the reserved the space/ticket in ferry.

If you like to book a tour please go to the tour page here.

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Book only for 2023 season

We will travel :


15 April to 5 November

Anyway, if you don’t feel comfortable with the online paying system  you can send us an email to kontakt@komanilakeferry.com with the details and make the payment CASH only to the Ferry BERISHA staff after boarding to it.

Be careful, don’t make payments to strangers in the road to Koman or Fierze that offers you trips or false tickets.


Instruction below

If it is a rental car and you dont know the plate/model please write "Rental Car"

If it is a rental car and you dont know the plate/model please writte "Rental Car"

How to calculate the surface of a car?

If your car has a width of 1.5 m and length of 3.2 m, then the total surface of the car is :
1.5 x 3.2 = 4.8 m2
and the transport of this car with the ferry will cost 4.8m2 x 6 Euro/m2 = 28.8 Euro

Price Ticket:
Price Car:
Price Bycicles:
Price Motorbikes:
Sale off:
PayPal Fee:
Total to pay: