Before you start your travel in Koman Lake, or even Fierza Lake it is better you keep in mind some important things ( this are also avaible if you have planned to visit Theth or Valbona Valley) :

  1. Take enought clothes, you should know that during the night is cold here, also in the raining days.
  2. The ticket is paid ONLY AFTER YOU BOARD ON THE FERRY BERISHA OR BOAT DRAGOBIA. So, you can reserve your place with a phone call, an email, via our website or our facebook page, but you ONLY pay it cash inside the ferry or the boat. Dont be fool and dont pay without getting in the ferry Berisha.
  3. Be careful with the childrens! Dont let them alone in the ferry, specialy in the outside areas ( it will be good if you wear them the safety jackets ).
  4. It is not allowed to jump from the ferry in the water during the travel time! This can be dangerous for your life.
  5. Please dont throw anything in the lake, there are some trash cans in the ferry where you can throw your garbages.
  6. Writte and keep the emergency number : 112 – This is a free toll number for police, hospital and firemans.
  7. Nga Tirana nisemi ne oren 05:00 per ne Koman.

    Nga Shkodra nisemi ne oren 06:30 per ne Koman.

    Nga Valbona nisemi ne oren 10:30 per ne Fierze.


  8. Tirane – Koman => 10 Euro

    Shkoder – Koman => 5 Euro

    Valbone – Fierze – Koman – Shkoder => 15 Euro

    Tirane – Koman – Fierze – Valbone => 20 Euro

    Shkoder – Koman – Fierze – Valbone => 15 Euro

    Koman – Shkoder – Tirane => 15 Euro

  9. All the Albanian citiziens can pass the Kosova border with only the ID card, but for the other citiziens it is neccesary to have the passport with you.
  10. Please contact with us in one of the following forms:

    Phone: 00355 69 68 00 748 / 00 355 68 52 70 934

    English Phone Number: 00355672808727

    Italian Phone Number: 0039 32 725 66 357

    Send us an email:

    Email :